Have Resume - Will Travel

If you have Linux Skills...and if you're reading this we presume you do, you should be making MORE money!!

According to this year's just-released "Linux Jobs Report," a joint research venture of the Linux Foundation and Dice Holdings, hiring managers are ramping up their efforts to hire more people with serious Linux skills, and this demand is pushing salaries for Linux professionals above industry norms.

“Enterprises are increasingly describing Linux as a core part of the business,” said Shravan Goli, President of Dice. “In turn, hiring managers are turning up the dial on the incentives offered to technology talent with Linux skills. These professionals are working on projects tightly aligned with a future vision of what enterprises look like.”

Some of the interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • Finding Linux talent is becoming more of a priority for hiring managers - 77% of hiring managers say hiring Linux talent is a top 3 priority, up from 70% last year, while MORE than 9 out of 10 plan to hire a Linux professional in the next 6 months.
  • Hiring managers are increasing the number of Linux professionals they are searching for - 46% of hiring managers will hire MORE Linux professionals this year than last.
  • Knowing Linux advances careers - 86% of Linux professionals said that knowing Linux has given them more career opportunities.

”While demand continues to grow for Linux talent, there remains a shortage of experienced Linux professionals on the market. This year’s Linux Jobs Report clearly illustrates this issue,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation.

So take a few minutes to polish up the old resume...your time has come! Heck, even if you're happy where you are maybe you can wangle a raise.

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