Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse

"A brilliant combination of ergonomics, comfort and performance" thunders Goldtouch, a leader in desktop ergonomics, about its new Semi-Vertical Mouse. "Perfectly sloped at 66 degrees" to prevent wrist stress and provide the ultimate comfort fit for healthy computing, the Semi-Vertical Mouse is Goldtouch's newest addition to its mouse library.

The new mouse provides a happy medium between the traditional ergonomic mouse (sloped at 25–30°) and the traditional vertical mouse (sloped between 85–90°). The in-between slope guides users into a comfortable grip, provides a nice resting position for the hand and enhances the user experience through great mousing precision. Goldtouch says that the Semi-Vertical Mouse expands its already wide variety of ergonomic solutions to fit every type of user and user preference.

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