FutureVault Inc.'s FutureVault

Though short of Mr Torvalds' aim of world domination, FutureVault, Inc., has set the ambitious goal to "change the way business is done" with its FutureVault digital collaborative vault application. Described by its developer as "at the epicenter of a brand new disruptive category in the financial services world", FutureVault allows users to deposit, store and manage important financial, legal and personal documents digitally by means of a white-label, cloud-based, SaaS platform.

FutureVault is a solution for banks and other financial institutions used to acquire, retain and reward their customers while yielding valuable data and analytics. With robust features around secure sharing, collaboration and organization, FutureVault, Inc., calls its solution "an incredibly 'sticky' tool to connect and stay connected with clients in order to increase both trust and opportunity between all parties".

The company predicts that "Within 15 years, it will be unheard of not to have all of one's personal, financial and legal documents deposited in a product like FutureVault."

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