Freespire to Ditch Ubuntu for a Return to Debian

After last month's super-secret acquisition of Linspire by Xandros, there was much speculation about what might become of Freespire, Linspire's Open Source side. The curtain has now been pulled back, as Xandros announced yesterday just what users can expect from the next version of Freespire.

According to Xandros, the next version of Freespire will eschew Ubuntu — the Linux distribution relied on for the 2.0 release series — instead returning to Debian, used for the 1.0 release series. Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos characterized the move as a return to Freespire's roots, as well as an alignment with Xandtros' Desktop Pro release. He also indicated that the Freespire community will now be the driving force behind both Freespire and Xandros. Freespire community organizer Tom House described the announcement as "the most exciting news since the announcement of Freespire 1.0."

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