Free Music! Get Your Free – Legal – Music!

If you've been looking for free music but don't want to get busted by the Buzzkill Brigade de la RIAA, then might just have the answer you've been waiting for. — the "online radio" service that lets users listen to customized music streams direct from the internet — announced today that they will debut a new streaming option aimed at filling the gap between online radio and personal collections. Under the new offering, users will be able to stream a specific track by a given artist on demand — a distinct change from the current system, which offers users streams based on artists similar to the chosen musician. Now, instead of clicking through a stream hoping for the song they want to hear, users can pick out an exact track and hear it up to three times for free. After their three, they'll be directed to options like iTunes and Amazon to buy it, or according to some reports, offered an upgrade to a paid subscription.

The new service is being offered immediately to users in the US, UK, and Germany, while those in other areas should see it in the coming months.

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