eCosCentric Limited's eCosPro

In contrast to general-purpose operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, the new eCosPro from eCosCentric Limited is a lightweight, multithreaded, industrial-strength RTOS delivering reduced latency with bounded response times. eCosPro's resource requirements are a fraction of those demanded by a general-purpose OS and maximize the RAM resources available to applications. The RTOS environment is ideal for time-critical control systems, and by leveraging the ultra-low-cost Raspberry Pi range of single-board computers, eCosPro provides cost-effective, full-featured performance ideal for IoT and M2M applications.

Direct boot from an SD card provides an "instant-on" capability, enabling embedded applications to be responsive within milliseconds. eCos is portable across a wide range of embedded architectures and microcontrollers, such that applications prototyped using eCosPro on Raspberry Pi can be readily ported to other targets. eCosPro delivers deterministic, real-time performance on the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi 1, Pi Zero and Pi Zero Wireless boards, as well as the Pi Compute Modules 1 and 3.

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