DVEO's Jitter Box IP/IP

Telco TV/OTT and IPTV operators must deal with the fact that many IP transport streams are asynchronous. This makes the streams prone to poor video quality due to jitter if they are sent to Program Clock Reference (PCR)-compliant devices. A new corrective solution for this challenge is DVEO's Jitter Box IP/IP, a low-power, Linux-based IP PCR jitter-correction appliance.

Designed for telco TV/OTT and IPTV operators, the Jitter Box IP/IP corrects the PCR in IP video transport streams so IP streams can be jitter-free and interoperate with PCR-sensitive devices, such as modulators, muxers, decoders and encapsulators. If an IP stream is not compliant, the Jitter Box IP/IP can make it so. Jitter Box IP/IP also features a web-based GUI that is manageable from anywhere, adds DVEO.

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