Dear Microsoft, Sue This, Please

by Nicholas Petreley

November of last year, you announced a covenant with Novell not to sue its customers for patent violations. Shortly thereafter you tried to strike a similar deal with Red Hat. Red Hat turned you down. Somewhere early in the public discussion you claimed that all users of Linux owe Microsoft money for using Microsoft intellectual property (read: infringing upon Microsoft patents). Please tell us when you plan to collect said monies. When are you going to sue Red Hat Linux customers? When do you plan to sue the users of other countless non-Novell distributions? Surely Novell customers will feel their protection money was ill-spent unless you follow through with such lawsuits. So please fill us in on your plans to sue. The suspense is excruciating.

Yours Truly,

One of countless proud users of Debian, Kubuntu, PC Linux OS, Mandriva, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, Knoppix, Mepis, Mint, Gentoo, and many other non-Novell distributions.

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