Datamation's "Leading Big Data Companies" Report

The Big Data market is in a period of remarkable transition. If keeping tabs on this dynamic sector is in your wheelhouse, Datamation has made your homework easier by developing "Leading Big Data Companies", a report that provides "a snapshot of a market sector in transition". Ranging from established legacy vendors to start-ups, this report details the numerous strategies that are exploited in today's Big Data landscape. The core technologies employed by this diverse group of vendors include cloud, open source, AI and several others.

This report belongs to Datamation's ongoing focus on the latest emerging tech for the enterprise. In the mere seven years that have passed since Yahoo! introduced Hadoop, Big Data has burgeoned in popularity as ever more firms seek insights from the massive amounts of data at their disposal.

Because Big Data has matured differently from most technologies in that no single leader has emerged after nearly a decade, the analytics industry finds itself still in growth mode, making it dynamic and challenging for those trying to make sense of it on their own.

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