Cool Projects Are Meant To Be Shared

The May issue of Linux Journal is all about cool projects, and we think the best part about making something cool is sharing it with the world.

Have you written some awesome software? Built a cool gadget? Taken something apart and repurposed its guts? We want to hear about it, and so do fellow readers.

The next time you have a cool project on your mind, whether it's complete or just a glimmer in your eye, log in to and share it in our forums. Leave a comment on articles that inspire you, and let everyone know how you built a better mousetrap. Someone out there has topped Shawn Powers' DIY Arcade Game, right?

If you are short on time, try building yourself a virtual buddy with Chatbot::Eliza. Have fun, and don't forget to share your results here on!

Katherine Druckman is the Director of Digital Experience at Linux Journal.

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