Contrast Security's Contrast Enterprise

The phrase with which Contrast Security describes the one-of-a-kind protection provided by the new Contrast Enterprise is "continuous application security". By this, Contrast Security means that Contrast Enterprise is "The first and only enterprise security software product that fully integrates the ability to find and fix application vulnerabilities during development, and monitor and block application attacks in production, all within one unified environment." Contrast Security points out that these two capabilities heretofore were available only in partially integrated solutions at best or siloed products from partnering vendors at worst.

Meanwhile, Contrast Enterprise uses patented deep security instrumentation to weave vulnerability detection, threat visibility and attack protection directly into applications automatically, without requiring application changes or security experts. While these applications are running, highly accurate context is instantly generated about where applications are vulnerable and under attack. Contrast Security calls its approach "a revolution in application security for traditional development approaches, as well as for Agile and DevOps methodologies".

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