Contest: Worst Tech Gift

Not just a Disney MP3 player, but a High School Musical MP3 player.  Awesome.

While not everyone can get gifts as awesome as my 512MB High School Musical MP3 player, we all have thoughtful relatives that try to get us geeky gifts. Sometimes they do well (especially if they stick to the Amazon Wish Lists we create), but sometimes they do poorly. I'll leave it up to you to decide which way my Mix-Stick leans.

In true holiday spirit, we figured misery loves company. We want to see your worst tech-related gift this year. Perhaps you got an 8-Track player. Maybe a battery powered pasta sorter. We all get horrible tech gifts this time of year. Heck, maybe someone gave you a Windows 7 phone. Whatever your worst tech gift is this season, we want to see it.

Attach a link to a photo or video of your tackiest, most pointless, completely age inappropriate gift in the comment section. The Linux Journal staff will pick the best of the worst, and send that person a special gift pack filled with stuff around the office. You'll probably get stickers, a t-shirt, old tea bags, partially consumed mouse pads, you know -- the stuff you'd find in any geeky magazine office. :)

You have all week to submit your photos and videos, we'll be picking a winner next year. (I love those "next year" jokes this time of year, heheheh) So polish up that hand-crank-generator-camera, and take some photos or videos of your aw{ful|some} gifts in action.

(Oh, and yes -- the MP3 player really is mine.)


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.

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