Collaboration Summit Keynotes Available Online

If you weren't able to score an invite to last month's Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, or just didn't have the time to go, you don't have to miss out on the high points.

The Linux Foundation describes its annual Collaboration Summit as a "gathering of the brightest minds in Linux, designed to accelerate collaboration and problem solving." The three-day gathering includes a variety of panels, workgroups, and presentations on subjects ranging from cloud computing to legal issues to mobile platforms.

Also among the events are a selection of keynote addresses from high-profile figures in the Linux world. Past speakers have included executives from IBM, Intel, Oracle, MySQL, Nokia, and others, as well as from the Linux Foundation itself. This year, the Foundation extended the Summit's audience by streaming the first day's sessions live via its still-in-beta streaming service.

Of course, not everyone can take the day off to tune in, no matter how thrilling the sessions might be. The Foundation is offering a second chance to catch the Summit's highlights, in the form of selected keynote addresses and panel presentations. Included are:

A full listing is available from the Collaboration Summit section of the Foundation's video library — videos from a number of other events are also available. Presentation slides are also available, for those looking to follow along.

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