CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Although open-source software excels at innovation and leverages the immense power of talented developers dedicated to solving difficult problems, the focus is rarely on enterprise capabilities, asserts CloudBees, the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps. Fortunate for Jenkins developers, CloudBees, Inc., has announced CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a Jenkins distribution aimed directly at enterprises that "ensures the highest levels of testing and verification, providing smooth upgrades and the most reliable and stable Jenkins foundation for software development and DevOps teams".

This enterprise distribution of Jenkins is possible due to CloudBees' new comprehensive testing and verification process called the CloudBees Assurance Program. Consisting of a trio of engineering, QA and machine resources, the program is dedicated to verifying the stability, security, inter-compatibility and upgradability of the Jenkins' core along with the curated set of the most popular third-party open-source Jenkins extensions that round out the distribution. As DevOps needs rapidly evolve, enterprises require confidence that they are implementing the most feature-rich, reliable and secure Jenkins-based continuous delivery platform possible, which they now have at their disposal.

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