CloudBees, Inc.'s CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Modern IT departments are adopting continuous delivery (CD) and automating software pipelines to accelerate and scale their software development and delivery across environments. This means that CD platforms are now business-critical and need to be scalable, secure, stable and reliable. To address these requirements, CloudBees, Inc., developed CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a new unified CD platform offering that allows enterprises to achieve CD for their entire software portfolio, securely and in a manner that handles a large volume of projects.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is based on Docker container technology and architected from the ground up to allow for scale and failure backup. It can run anywhere, including public cloud or private cloud, virtual environments (VMware vSphere), Red Hat Enterprise Linux and from legacy to container-based technology.

CloudBees warns that most continuous delivery solutions focus on a specific technology stack or process, leading to the deployment of multiple competing or overlapping solutions lacking holistic support of the enterprise-wide IT delivery processes. In contrast, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise leverages Jenkins' 1,200+ extensions and is the only solution on the market that makes it possible for enterprises to have a unified view across their entire software portfolio. As a result, it is possible to evaluate how teams are progressing in their adoption of DevOps, continuous delivery and ultimately time-to-market goals.

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