Cloud Infrastructure Automation Coming of Age

Explosive growth in enterprise adoption of public and private cloud technologies is really pushing requirements for scalable, automated solutions to ensure security, cost and operational compliance across deployments of virtual “cloud” infrastructure.  With the emergence of ever-larger and more dense server farms, and ever larger and more complex cloud configurations, cloud automation becomes more critical every day to the enterprise IT operation…and to the people charged with making it all work.

Cloud automation tools help to effectively manage and quickly provision the capacity that has been installed, as there are obviously just too many machines to care for each one manually. DivvyCloud, a developer of innovative technology that automates and manages even the most complex cloud infrastructure, offers on-premise and hosted versions of its cloud agnostic, extensible platform which allows you to automate cloud infrastructure and policy enforcement.

According to Peter Scott, DivvyCloud’s Chief Strategy Officer, the idea is to help accelerate and scale cloud strategies with multi-cloud visibility, lifecycle management, and compliance automation. This week DivvyCloud announced that they have done this well enough to satisfy the needs of General Electric, moving out of the proof of concept stage and into full production with them. Similarly, Software AG, Discovery Communications, Accelera Solutions have also signed on with DivvyCloud for Cloud Infrastructure Automation.

According to Scott, “customers value DivvyCloud’s pervasive, real-time discovery of cloud resources and the ability to take automated action regardless of how those virtual resources are provisioned.  Customer DevOps and Enterprise IT teams have complete flexibility to create their own custom automation to monitor and self-heal cloud deployments, or leverage DivvyCloud’s growing repository of pre-built ‘Automation Bots.’”

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