Catch the Collaboration Summit from the Comfort of Home

Next week's Collaboration Summit, put on by the Linux Foundation, will gather together "the brightest minds in Linux" to mull over all the great problems that plague our beloved operating system. If you can't make it to San Francisco to collaborate in person, fear not, the Summit will come to you.

The fourth-annual Collaboration Summit will convene on Wednesday, with the usual variety of sessions and speakers, covering topics from cloud computing to mobile Linux to legal issues and more. In an effort to extend the Summit's reach, the Linux Foundation will be beta-testing a new live video streaming service — all of Wednesday's sessions will be made available, beginning at 9:00AM and ending at 5:30PM (Pacific).

What can at-home viewers expect to see? Among the scheduled sessions are:

  • Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin's State of the Linux Union address.
  • The Linux Kernel: What's Next, with panelists James Bottomley, Jon Corbet, Christoph Hellwig, Greg Kroah-Hartman, and Andrew Morton.
  • Josh Berkus' How to Prevent Community: Making Sure Your Pond Stays Small.
  • Does Open Source Mean Open Cloud?, with panelists David Lutterkort, Sam Ramji, Mark Shuttleworth, Doug Tidwell, and John Mark Walker (moderator).
  • IMB Vice President and Foundation Board member Dr. Daniel Frye's 10+ Years of Linux at IBM.

The winners of the Foundation's second-annual We're Linux video contest are due to be announced on the fourteenth as well, though it is not immediately clear whether that will take place during the streamed portion of the day's events.

The streams will be available for free, though they do require registration, which in turn requires a (free) Linux Foundation account. Sadly, those wishing to attend the event in-person — which, like many of the Foundation's events, is by invitation only — are too late, as registration has now closed.

Additional information about the Collaboration Summit, and the Linux Foundation, is available from the Foundation's events site.

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