Canonical Announces Embedded Computer Manifold 2 for Drone Developers, Request For Help Testing Snap Package, PHP v7.4.0 Available, PyCharm 2019.2 EAP3 Released, Talks To Port Over Microsoft's Chromium-Based Edge browser To Linux

Yesterday, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu announced the availability of Manifold 2, a high-performance embedded computer offered by leading enterprise drone manufacturer, DJI. This availability will allow developers access to containerized software packages (e.g. Snaps), allowing for infinite evolution and functionality changes.

It looks as if Ubuntu is transitioning the Chromium Debian package to a Snap one. The community behind this effort is asking for assistance in testing the Snap package.

The first alpha release of PHP version 7.4.0 is now available. And while it contains a large list of bug fixes and feature enhancements, remember, it is an unstable build and should not be used in production.

PyCharm 2019.2 EAP3 is officially released with support for Python Positional-Only Parameters (PEP-570), Restart Kernel Action and more.

There are talks but at the same time, there are not talks to port over Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser to Linux. Its developers say that it may happen in the near future but they are too busy to do it today.

Petros Koutoupis, LJ Editor at Large, is currently a senior performance software engineer at Cray for its Lustre High Performance File System division. He is also the creator and maintainer of the RapidDisk Project. Petros has worked in the data storage industry for well over a decade and has helped pioneer the many technologies unleashed in the wild today.

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