Call for Articles: Desktop

Let's do Desktops a bit differently this time: instead of looking at what's on our Desktops, let's get underneath the desk and see what's going on.

Let's talk about the nuts and bolts that are gonna build our desktops of the future. Let's talk about how to build a plasmoid. Let's talk about Clutter and WebKit.

What's happening with GTK/GNOME? Is there any progress/convergence on where GTK3/GNOME3 should go?

What's new with X? What is XRandR and why should we be excited? Has the shift to xorg from xfree86 produced the expected fruit?

And let's take a peek underneath our spreadsheets too. Tell us how to extend them with pyuno or kross.

Send your proposals to The deadline for completed articles is December 1.

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