Caldwell Partners' Cyber Advisory Board Service

For many enterprises, cyber risk is the top business risk. Meanwhile, there is simply not a sufficiently large talent pool of cyber-risk professionals to satisfy the ever-growing demand. To assuage this business challenge, executive search firm Caldwell Partners announced the launch of its Cyber Advisory Board service, a means for companies to obtain the level of expertise they require to implement industry best practices quickly and effectively.

Caldwell Partners' new service allows enterprises to eschew failed searches for CISOs, which frequently result in over-priced and under-qualified candidates. Companies obtain access to a Cyber Advisory Board of recognized cyber industry leaders, tailored to fit needs the needs of a particular company and its industry. This solution is especially helpful for clients who opt for step-up candidates or deploy trusted executives open to a career change into cyber security.

The advisory board provides a range of services—from mentoring a company's CISO to helping develop cyber strategy to educating the company's C-level executives and boards, all the way to giving guidance on best practices with regard to cyber breach responses. A Cyber Advisory Board provides deep expertise and consistency and satisfies increased governance on public company boards faced with regulators who exert ever greater pressure on companies to demonstrate a commitment to best practices.

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