Big Things Come In Small Packages At

A large part of the experience are the "miniconfs," two day-long, highly-focused seminars aimed at specific areas of Linux and Open Source development. The first two days of the conference are dedicated to these sessions, and for those planning to attend, you can start picking yours out, as the "winners" were announced this week.

The 2010, which convenes in Wellington, New Zealand from January 18 - 23, 2010 , looks to have an interesting lineup for the two miniconf days. The proposal period, which ran from June 29 - July 24, obviously produced a wealth of possibilities, a point confirmed by the Review Committee's François Marier. "The quality and number of Miniconf Proposals we received this year were very high, making the selection of successful Miniconfs a difficult task."

That difficult task is finished, however, and the accepted proposals are:

  • Arduino — Jonathan Oxer
  • Business of Open Source — Martin Michlmayr
  • Data Storage and Retrieval — Peter Lieverdink
  • Distro Summit — Fabio Tranchitella
  • Education — Tabitha Roder
  • Free The Cloud! — Evan Prodromou
  • Haecksen and Linuxchix — Joh Clarke
  • Libre Graphics Day — Jon Cruz
  • Multicore and Parallel Computing — Nicolas Erdody
  • Multimedia — Conrad Parker
  • Open and the Public Sector — Daniel Spector
  • Open Programming Languages — Christopher Neugebauer
  • System Administration — Simon Lyall
  • Wave Developers — Shane Stephens

Those looking for details about the individual miniconfs will find it on the Miniconf page. Additional information about the conference itself, including schedules, registration and accommodations, and all manner of other details can find it all on the conference's website.

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