BeBop Sensors, Inc.'s Marcel Modular Data Gloves

In the fabric-embedded sensors space, all controllers need to be accurate and fast. "If latency is more than 6–8 milliseconds, you are out of the band", cautions BeBop Sensors Inc., maker of the new Marcel Modular Data Glove solution for virtual and augmented reality OEMs.

Utilizing BeBop's patented fabric sensor technology and designed for accurate, real-time control and navigation in these environments, the BeBop Data Gloves are available to OEMs in 5, 10 and 14 sensor versions. They provide haptic—that is, kinesthetic—feedback and sense knuckle and abduction motion of the human hand.

BeBop's basic configuration provides high-speed sensor processing as well as a 6 or 9 degrees-of-freedom inertial measurement unit that measures acceleration and angular rate. Fast, deterministic sensing provides sub-frame latency at 120Hz for real-time control of games and environments.

Mezzanine boards can be added to the printed circuit board assembly stack to add functionality, such as translation and haptic electronics. A haptic audio creation kit is available, enabling content creators to customize and add to the haptic library.

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