Banshee Wails its Way to 1.0

The coming of the banshee isn't generally considered a welcome appearance, however, it was last week as the Banshee jukebox reached its first stable release with Version 1.0.

Among the features to sing about are the return of audio CD support, with enhanced MusicBrainz metadata integration; support for digital players including the iPod; a mini-mode extension; the introduction of video management tools; support for podcasting, including streaming audio; optional automatic ripping of CDs as they are inserted, along with new CD burning via Brasero; and a new cover art extension. It also includes fixes for over 260 bugs, and a host of other useful features and extensions much anticipated by Banshee users.

The new version can be downloaded form the Banshee Project download site. Though it isn't backwards compatible with previous releases of the player, it will not conflict with other installations. As always, users are encourage to join the development community, and to report any bugs they may discover.

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