Atari Opens Pre-Orders to VCS Retro Gaming Console, Gimp v2.10.12 Released, Distro-Specific Store Pages For Snap Apps Launches, Preview For Built-In Linux Kernel for Windows 10 Available in WSL 2, fs-verity Module MAY Merge Into Mainline Kernel

Atari has officially opened up pre-orders to the VCS retro gaming console for $250. New orders are expected to be fulfilled by March 2020.

Gimp version 2.10.12 has officially been released and it mostly contains bug fixes, most of which were introduced in the large release of version 2.10.10. There are also some noteworthy improvements which include an improved Curves tool, layers support for TIFF exporting and more.

While the Snap format is intended to run on many other Linux distributions, the Snapcraft team is creating a more inviting and improved experience [for non-Ubuntu users] by launching distro-specific store pages for Snap apps.

The preview for the built-in Linux kernel for Windows 10 is officially available in the new Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2). WSL 2 was announced back in May during the Microsoft's Build developer conference and is based on version 4.19 of the Linux kernel.

A new version of the fs-verity module MAY eventually find its way merged into the mainline kernel. The purpose of this module is to make individual files read-only and enable the kernel to detect modifications made on or offline. The new patch set was posted on May 23 and the story behind it can be found here.

Petros Koutoupis, LJ Editor at Large, is currently a senior performance software engineer at Cray for its Lustre High Performance File System division. He is also the creator and maintainer of the RapidDisk Project. Petros has worked in the data storage industry for well over a decade and has helped pioneer the many technologies unleashed in the wild today.

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