Applied Expert Systems, Inc.'s CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux

The contemporary data center is typified by an ever-increasing amount of traffic occurring between servers, observes Applied Expert Systems, Inc. (AES), sagely. Fulfilling the logical need to facilitate improved server-to-server communications, AES created CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux, now at v2.7. CleverView provides IT staff access to current and historical server performance and availability details from not only their browser desktops but also their mobile phones via the CLEVER Mobile for Linux app.

This version 2.7 features enhancements to DockerView, namely container details including resource utilization and process information, with the ability to drill down into specific containers, and image details, including repository and image ID with historical details.

Finally, new options to the Enhanced Dashboard include the ability to download a graph image, manipulate graph formats, display raw data and a zoom feature with one-click navigation to view Alert Details from the Alerts Summary graph.

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