Android Candy: Quality Time, or Not?

This is the season of resolutions, and in the technological world we live in, spending time off-line is a difficult but healthy activity. The problem is our lives have become so intertwined with our phones that it's easy to whip out our cell phones inadvertently to check our social networks quickly.

The QualityTime app is designed to help curb the habit just a bit. Ironically, it's an Android app designed to help you stop using Android apps so much. Still, it's just geeky enough to make limiting technology time a fun endeavor. If you like graphs, data, numbers and goals, QualityTime can help you identify where you spend most of your time on-line and then assist in lessening your face time with FaceTime (okay, not actually FaceTime, since that's an Apple app, but the word play was too fun to leave out).

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If you're forgetting what your family members actually look like, or if you're surprised to see your friends as anything but their on-line avatars, you really need to give QualityTime a try. If you just want to see how much time you spend on various applications on your Android device, you should try QualityTime as well. I found the data alone worth the installation, and it inspired me to spend a little less time texting my kids and a little more time talking to them (while they text their friends—baby steps...).

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