6 Best Linux Desktop Environments to Try in 2022

6 Best Linux Desktop Environments to Try in 2022

Are you looking for the best Linux desktop environments for your desktop? Then this article is particularly for you. Want to find the notable mentions, the best features, and what you might be fond of? Get to know about the 6 best Linux desktop environments to try in 2022 from here. So, let’s dive in!


Budgie is a GNOME-based Linux desktop. It’s developed and used by Solus Linux distribution. With the help of GNOME stack components, the Budgie desktop is written. Budgie offers a unified notification feature and its customization center is called Raven. It gives access to the calendar, system settings, power options, and media player. Elements on the desktop, eg. applications are implemented as Applets.

Budgie is easily customizable. Its developers' team put a lot of effort into modifying Budgie’s desktop elements, such as Budgie Menu that sorts names of categories alphabetically, Icon Tasklist applet which has some new features included. Linux distros including Manjaro and Ubuntu have spins based on this Linux desktop environment. Also, Fedora users can fetch Budgie from the COPR repository.

Deepin DE

The Deepin DE Linux desktop is developed by the Deepin Linux distribution. It’s based on WebKit and HTML5. Deepin uses Go and QML for designing its components. Besides the desktop, Deepin components make use of the dock and control center and the application launcher. Deepin DE’s tweakable parameters can be accessed using a hidden panel.

The Deepin desktop almost replicates the aesthetics and usability of Mac OS X. It has a neat and clean interface having only the dock at the bottom. The touch-screen gestures are also supported by the desktop. The Deepin desktop offers configurable hot corners that allow you to access the control panel and the applications menu. With this, all of the aspects of the desktop can be managed. The desktop can be fetched through the third-party repositories while installing.


GNOME is a very popular Linux desktop environment. Many Linux distros use GNOME. GNOME is simple to use and can be customized. The modern and touch-feature-enabled user interface provides an amazing experience. Also, the GNOME desktop can extend its functionalities via GNOME Shell extensions.

However, GNOME isn’t a good choice for older computers or systems having less than 4GB RAM. Some major Linux distributions that use GNOME as their preferred desktop environment are Fedora, Pop!_OS, OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu. So, those of you who are looking for something different than the traditional Windows layout, try GNOME.


KDE is also popular as the Plasma desktop. KDE is a very lightweight desktop and highly customizable. Now you can connect your phone with the computer via KDE Connect. KDE’s browser integration connects your phone to your browser to establish a smooth communication fast.

What makes KDE one of the most demanding desktops is its flexibility, polished user interface, built-in tools, and extremely lightweight. Linux distributions that use KDE as their default desktop environment are Kubuntu, OpenSUSE, and KDE Neon. 


The Pantheon Linux desktop environment has been developed by Elementary OS. It’s another example of a minimalist but stylish desktop. Pantheon is quite popular for its elegant and user-friendly features. The desktop has a Mutter-based window manager that’s called Gala. It takes cues from Mac OS X to offer a mind-blowing user experience. 

The desktop integrates its various elements, such as Wingpanel (top panel), the Plank dock, the Slingshot application launcher, very well. All actions are subtly animated. You can use Pantheon’s Tweaks tool for customizing the desktop. Once installed, you can make use of this tool to change the desktop experience, control animations, set fonts, and lots more.


Besides GNOME and KDE, Cinnamon is undoubtedly one of the best Linux desktop environments to try out in 2022. The Linux Mint community is the home for this desktop. Linux Mint forked out the GNOME 3 shell. And then they customized it to present a finer desktop environment to the Linux users. 

Cinnamon has grown into a complete desktop over time. Cinnamon gives the first priority to its users’ experience. You can see animations and effects all around the desktop. If you’re transitioning from Windows, you may get a familiar experience with Cinnamon. Linux distros that have adopted Cinnamon are Linux Mint, Ubuntu’s Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, Fedora, EndeavourOS, and Manjaro Linux.


And with that, we have reached the conclusion. This article walked you through the 6 best Linux desktops for 2022. If you’re looking for an easy-to-customize desktop, choose from Budgie, KDE, and GNOME. 

But do remember that older systems with less than 4GB RAM support are not suitable for GNOME. If a lightweight desktop is your requirement, go with KDE. So, have you decided upon your choice of Linux desktop?

Suparna is a freelance writer who writes about Linux including tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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