Linux Journal Contents #166, February 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #166/February 2008

Virtualization is the editorial focus of the February issue of Linux Journal. This issue covers core virtualization topics such as VirtualBox, OpenVPN, the KVM hypervisor and simplified server virtualization—from authors Jon Watson, Dimitriy Samovskiy, Irfan Habib and Kyle Rankin, respectively.

Beyond virtualization, there is plenty more to enjoy. Our friend Robin Rowe explains how Linux (on a Mac!) helped create the new Paramount film The Spiderwick Chronicles, James Gray reviews the Zonbu PC, Seth Kenlon deciphers video codecs on Linux and Gene Sally takes the fuss out of shrinking your embedded-Linux system.

Finally, taking virtualization in his typically rebellious direction, Marcel Gagné covers virtualized worlds—that is, two useful desktop mapping applications, namely Marble and KWorldClock.

Enjoy the February issue of Linux Journal!





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