Linux Journal Contents #165, January 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #165/January 2008

The January issue of Linux Journal focuses on the ever-important topic of security. But, before setting forth to fortify your systems, wet your whistle with Reuven Lerner's primer on the new Facebook API and Eric S. Raymond's musings on the history and future of open source. Once satiated, get your recommended dose of security protein with articles from Jeramiah Bowling on simple lessons for Linux security, Ron Aitchison on clandestine secrets of the DNS hierarchy, Regis Balzard and Dominik Gehl on PacketFence and Kyle Rankin on forensics with Autopsy and Sleuthkit. For desktop-security elixers, seek out Kyle once again and his piece on combining Tor and Knoppix for 100% anonymous Web browsing, as well as Carl Welch, whose how-to on the GPG-based Password Wallet will allow you to forget your Internet passwords. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback.




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