Linux Journal Contents #62, June 1999

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #62, June 1999

Linux Journal Issue #62/June 1999






  • At the Forge   Sending Mail via the Web, Part 2  by Reuven M. Lerner
    Sending Mail via the Web, Part 2 Mr. Lerner continues his look at building a simple, integrated mail system that can be accessed using a web browser.
  • Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
  • Linux Means Business   Making Money in the Bazaar  by Bernie Thompson
    Making Money in the Bazaar A look at the business models in use today and how they work.
  • Kernel Korner   IP Bandwidth Management  by Jamal Hadi Salim
    IP Bandwidth Management A look at the new traffic control code in the kernel and how it aids in bandwidth management.
  • System Administration   Root File System on RAID  by Martin Schulze
    Root File System on RAID What should you do if it is unacceptable to use a single disk or partition for the root file system? Use two or three. This article provides a solution for this problem.
  • Take Command   The awk Utility  by Louis J. Iacona
    The awk Utility This column presents an introduction to the Linux data manipulation tool called awk.


Strictly On-line

  • Pro-Lite Scrolling Message Signs  by Walter Stoneburner
    A review of the Pro-Lite Tru-Color II PL-M2014R, an affordable multi-color LED scrolling message board that is capable of being controlled by a standard RS-232 serial port.
  • PPR: PostScript Printer Spooling  by Olivier Tharan
    Mr. Tharan tells us how to use the PPR spooler for large networks.
  • Linux in Schools  by Rob Bellville
    How a K-12 school system is using Linux to supply a myriad of stable network services to its students and staff.
  • Linux for Enterprise-Resource Planning  by Uche Ogbuji
    Mr. Ogbuji takes a look at enterprise resource planning and Linux's place in this market.
  • Linux Web Server Toolkit  by Keith P. de Solla
    A review of the LINUX Web Server Toolkit, a book that takes the reader completely through the procedure of building a web server.
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