Linux Journal Contents #57, January 1999

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #57/January 1999


  • DIPC: The Linux Way of Distributed Programming  by Mohsen Sharifi and Kamran Karimi
    This article discusses the main characteristics of Distributed Inter-Process Communication (DIPC), a relatively simple system software that provides uses of the Linux operating system with both the distributed shared memory and the message passing paradigms of distributed programming.
  • Transform Methods and Image Compression  by Darrel Hankerson and Greg A. Harris
    An introduction to JPEG and wavelet transform techniques using Octave and Matlab.
  • LJ Interviews Kent McNall of Apropos  by Marjorie Richardson
    A talk with the head of a company using Informix SE for Linux in a point-of-sale application almost before it was announced.
  • 1998 Readers' Choice Awards  by Amy Kukuk
    You voted, we counted, here are the results.
  • 1998 Editor's Choice Awards  by Marjorie Richardson
    A look at the Editor's choices for best products of 1998 and why she chose them.

News & Articles



  • Take Command   Calendar Programs  by Michael Stutz
    Mr. Stutz introduces us to a digital method for keeping track of appointments and those important dates in our lives.
  • Linux Means Business   Linux as a PACS Server for Nuclear Medicine  by Cheng-Ta Wu
    Linux is being used in a Taiwan hospital as a server for medical images and as a firewall.
  • System Administration   Caching the Web, Part 1  by David Guerrero
    Improve your users' browsing and save your bandwidth by using proxy servers to cache web pages.
  • Kernel Korner   Linux for Macintosh 68K Port  by Alan Cox
    “I don't care if space aliens ate my mouse” or a case study in both the technical and human issues in porting the Linux OS to a new M68K target platform.
  • At the Forge   Creating a Web-based BBS, Part 1  by Reuven M. Lerner
    Ready to create your own virtual community? Here's how to begin.


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