Linux Journal Contents #53, September 1998

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #53/September 1998


  • Developing Imaging Applications with XIE  by Syd Logan
    Mr. Logan describes the X Image Extension and show us how to use it—for the experienced C programmer.
  • Open Inventor  by Robert Hartley
    Mr. Hartley shows how to do interactive 3-D programming using Open Inventor, Release 2, which he used to create the images on our cover.
  • LibGGI: Yet Another Graphics API  by Andreas Beck
    The next generation fully portable graphics library
  • Porting SGI Audio Applications to Linux  by David Phillips and Richard Kent
    This article describes the process of porting a variety of audio applications from the SGI platform to the Linux operating system.
  • Visualizing with VTK  by James C. Moore
    A look at a new tool for visualizations of scientific data—VTK, an object-oriented visual toolkit.

News & Articles




  • Letters to the Editor  
  • From the Editor   How Many Distributions?  by Marjorie Richardson
  • Stop the Presses   USENIX 1998  by Aaron Mauck
    USENIX 1998 SSC's system administrator travels to New Orleans and actually returns to tell us about it.
  • Take Command   A Little Devil Called tr  by Hans de Vreught
    A Little Devil Called tr Here's a useful command for translating or deleting characters in a file.
  • Linux Means Business   Training on a Token Ring Network  by Charles Kitsuki
    Training on a Token Ring Network Linux can provide technical managers with cost-effective, reliable training tools
  • New Products  
  • Kernel Korner   Driving One's Own Audio Device  by Alessandro Rubini
    Driving One's Own Audio Device In this article Alessandro will show the design and implementation of a custom audio device, paying particular attention to the software driver. The driver, as usual, is developed as a kernel module. Even though Linux 2.2 will be out by the time you read this, the software described here works only with Linux-2.0 and the first few decades of 2.1 versions.
  • Linux Gazette   MUP: Music Publisher  by Bob van der Poel
    MUP: Music Publisher Here's a look at notation editors for producing sheet music under Linux.
  • Best of Technical Support  
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