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by Amy Kukuk

Conix 3D Explorer

Conix Enterprises, Inc. has announced the release of Conix 3D Explorer for Linux ELF. While supporting standard Mathematica graphics, 3D Explorer also provides a new graphics type, GLGraphics, with extended graphics primitives and directives. New features include continuous surfaces, display lists, inline transformations and per-element control over graphics options. Standard Mathematica graphics can be converted to GLGraphics and enhanced, allowing you to build directly on your existing graphics skills. 3D Explorer comes with a run-time installation of OpenGL for Linux by Conix. 3D Explorer is currently available for Linux ELF, Windows 95/NT and PowerMac platforms.

Contact: Conix Enterprises, Inc., PO Box 4113, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403, Phone: 800-577-5505, E-mail:, URL:


Corel Computer has announced the release of NetWinder, a network computer built upon the Linux operating system. There are three versions of NetWinder including The Netwinder WS (a scalable, out-of-the-box, web-server solution designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses to create a web presence), The Netwinder LC (especially designed for desktop use) and The NetWinder DM (a development machine equipped with a 3GB hard drive and packed with Corel's development tools). More information about the NetWinder and Corel Computer is available at the company's web site.

Contact: Corel Computer, 150 Isabella Street, Suite 1000, Ottawa, OntarioK1S 1V7, Canada, Phone: 613-788-6000, Fax: 613-230-8300, E-mail: via web site, URL:

CommuniGate Pro Server 2.0 Beta

Stalker Software has announced the CommuniGate Pro Server 2.0 Beta, a platform-independent Internet messaging server. Key features include multi-platform, industry-strength administration via the Web, multi-domain support, anti-spam protection and unique IMAP multi-mailbox features. The CommuniGate Pro server can be configured, controlled and monitored from any computer connected to the Internet using any web browser application. On all platforms, the CommuniGate Pro presents the same interface and uses the same file formats, allowing any organization to switch server platforms in less than an hour. A CommuniGate Pro Server can be downloaded free of charge at

Contact: Stalker Software, 655 Redwood Highway, Suite 275, Mill Valley, CA 94941, Phone: 800-262-4722, E-mail:, URL:

J Street Mailer Release Two

InnoVal Systems Solutions has announced the release of a new production version of J Street Mailer Release Two, a full-function e-mail client written entirely in Java. J Street Mailer supports both POP3 and IMAP4 mail servers. One of the most useful new features is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Other features include Preview Mail for examining mail on a POP3 or IMAP4 server, mulitple personas of signatures and prefaces within a single account for business and personal use, and virtual folders. The J Street Mailer is currently available for $49 US. Java Lobby members may obtain a license for $44 US. Students and faculty of accredited higher education and secondary schools may obtain J Street Mailer for $29 US.

Contact: InnoVal Systems Solutions, Inc., 600 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528, Phone: 914-835-3838, Fax: 914-835-3857, E-mail:, URL:

InterBase 4.0 for Red Hat Linux 4.2

InterBase Software Corporation has announced the release of InterBase 4.0 for Red Hat Linux 4.2. InterBase 4.0 for Linux is compatible with the commercial versions of InterBase on other platforms. InterBase includes InterClient, an all-Java JDBC driver, versioning architecture where readers and writers don't block each other, an active database that includes a full-featured trigger implementation, event alerters, tailored VAR program and UNICODE International Characters support. InterBase 4.0 for Red Hat 4.2 is freely downloadable from the InterBase web site.

Contact: InterBase Software Corporation, 100 Enterprise Way, Suite B2, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, Phone: 408-431-6500, Fax: 408-431-6510, E-mail: via on-line form, URL:

Metro-X 4.3

Metro Link has released Metro-X 4.3, an X11 Release 6.3 server replacement with more speed, more features and a new low price of $39 US. Metro-X provides support for the fastest, most popular graphics cards on the market today. In addition, Metro-X includes touch screen support and multi-screen support at no extra charge. Metro-X uses a graphical configuration program for easy setup and a graphical adjustment tool for image placement on the monitor. Other features include hot-key exit, hot-key resolution switching, hardware panning and international keyboard support. Metro-X 4.3 can be ordered directly from Metro Link.

Contact: Metro Link Inc., 4711 Powerline Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, Phone: 954-938-0283, Fax: 954-938-1982, E-mail:, URL:

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