Linux Journal Contents #51, July 1998

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #51/July 1998


News & Articles

  • A Glimpse of Icon: A Language For the Rest of Us  by Clinton Jeffery and Shamim Mohamed
    This article gives a quick introduction to the programming language Icon, developed at the University of Arizona.
  • Having Fun on ViewSurf  by Pierre Ficheux
    This article explains how linux is used in the ViewSurf “Beach Report”, a fun WebCAM-based service.
  • Encrypted File Systems  by Bear Giles
    Here's a good way to protect your files. Mr. Giles explains how to encrypt your entire file system rather than individual files.
  • Graphical Desktop Korn Shell  by George Kraft IV
    The Graphical Desktop Korn Shell (DtKsh) is a featured part of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). DtKsh provides a consistent and reliable graphical Motif shell language that is supported on all CDE-compliant systems.
  • A SCSI Test Tool for Linux  by Pete Popov
  • Introducing Samba  by John Blair
    When you need to network your Linux box with Windows, Samba is the way to do it.




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