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by Amy Kukuk

STREAMS Data Comm Protocols

Gcom, Inc. has announced the Linux STREAMS application of their BASS line of packaged synchronous adapter and software systems. The Gcom kits allow the addition of synchronous capability for a PC platform. Protocols include X.25, SNA, Frame Relay, SDLC, HDLC, LAPD, LAPB, QLLC and Bisync. The high-performance communications board delivers line speeds of up to 5Mbps and offers ISA or PCI bus design and many interface options. Prices start at $2,288 US for the end user. Gcom is the developer of Linux STREAMS.

Contact: Gcom, Inc., 1800 Woodfield Drive, Savoy, IL 61874, Phone: 217-351-4241, E-mail:, URL:

Raven SSL Module for Apache

Covalent Technologies has announced the release of Covalent Raven, an SSL module for the Apache web server. Raven functions can be used for secure Internet transactions, including on-line banking, credit card purchases, safe document transfers and more. Purchase price for Raven is $357 US.

Contact: Covalent Technologies, Inc., 121 South 13th Street, Suite B-105, Lincoln, NE 68508, Phone: 402-441-5710, Fax: 402-441-5720, E-mail:, URL:

Java Workshop 2.0 for Linux

S.u.S.E. has announced Java Workshop 2.0 for Linux. This product brings Java Workshop's visual development tool for Java programmers to the Linux community. Java Workshop allows developers to use the Java platform to create leading-edge Internet and Intranet applications. It offers a tool set for building JavaBeans, Java applets and applications. Java Workshop also allows developers to create and reuse JavaBeans. It includes support for the latest JDK and comes with a compiler and profiler. Java Workshop for Linux is available at a list price of $109 US.

Contact: S.u.S.E., LLC, 458 Santa Clara Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610, Phone: 1-510-835-7873, Fax: 1-510-835-7875, E-mail:, URL:


VariCAD has announced its Mechanical CAD software—VariCAD. VariCAD is equipped with all the basic tools necessary for mechanical design. It includes true 3-D modeling optimized for construction and design, allowing one to create, evaluate and modify a concept any way the user wants. Its other functions include 2-D drawing, editing, transformations, working with user-defined objects, blocks, groups and symbol-creation capabilities. The whole system is customizable and easy to use. The price for VariCAD varies between $100 and $2,000, according to platform and support.

Contact: VariCAD, P.O. Box 38, Liberec 460 02, Czech Republic, E-mail:, URL:

Cobalt Qube Microserver

Cobalt Microserver Inc. has announced the Cobalt Qube microserver. The Qube microserver supports communication and collaboration services for the Internet and Intranets. It features quick setup and “hands-off” administration. With a suggested starting price of $999 US, the Qube microserver is aimed at work groups and branch offices, Internet Service Providers, Web developers and educational organizations. It provides basic services such as e-mail, web publishing and file sharing as well as other services such as threaded discussions and automated searching and indexing. The Qube microserver has a complete Linux 2.0 operating system and includes the Apache web server.

Contact: Cobalt Microserver, Inc, 440 Clyde Avenue, Building B, Mountain View, CA 94043, Phone: 650-930-2500, Fax: 650-930-2501, E-mail:, URL:

Screamer 633MHz Custom Workstations

Microway has announced the Screamer 633MHz motherboard and custom workstations. These products deliver performance in such areas as CAD/CAM/CEA, 3-D rendering, animation and multimedia. The Screamer motherboard design offers four megabytes of cache and features the Samsung 633MHz Alpha processor. For pricing details, look at the company's web site.

Contact: Microway, Inc., Research Park, Box 79, Kingston, MA 02364, Phone: 508-746-7341, Fax: 508-746-4678, E-mail:, URL:

NetTracker Proxy 3.5

Sane Solutions, LLC has announced the release of NetTracker Proxy 3.5. NetTracker Proxy is a web-based proxy and firewall log file analysis software. Priced at $795 US, NetTracker Proxy 3.5 contains new features including standardized summary reports with drill-down capabilities, as well as sorting capabilities that allow administrators to select and sort the information they analyze. It can export data, which allows administrators to import NetTracker Proxy reports into popular software products.

Contact: Sane Solutions LLC, 35 Belver Ave., Suite 230, North Kingstown, RI 02852, Phone: 401-295-4809, E-mail:, URL:

WebSite Professional 2.2

O'Reilly & Associates has announced the release of WebSite Professional 2.2, which includes Uplink, O'Reilly's utility designed for Internet Content Providers and Internet Service Providers. Another new feature is enhanced log file management and generation. The inclusion of Live Software's new JRun 2.1 adds support for the Java Development Kit version 1.2 of the JavaSoft Servlet Advanced Programming Interface 1.1. Suggested list price is $799 US. The upgrade to version 2.2 is free for downloading by registered version 2.0 and 2.1 customers.

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, 101 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472, Phone: 707-829-0515, E-mail:, URL:

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