Resources for “Ultimate Linux Box 2005”

by Justin Thiessen

“Using the Hammerfall HDSP on Linux” by Peter Todd:

ALSA Linux Driver for RME Digital Audio Cards:

HammerFall the Band:

“Monitoring Hard Disks with SMART” by Bruce Allen: /article/6983

“Health Monitoring with lm_sensors” by Steve Hastings:


bonnie++ 1.03a:


Future Hardware and Projects to Watch

“ATA over Ethernet: Putting Hard Drives on the LAN” by Ed Cashin: /article/8149

OpenGraphics Project:

LinuxBIOS Project:

Parts List

Motherboard—Tyan Thunder K8QS Pro (S4882):

CPUs—4 x AMD 846HE Opterons:,,30_118_8796,00.html

RAM—8 x 4GB Registered ECC Samsung DDR PC2700 CL 2.5 DIMMs:

Power Supply—510W Custom harness PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 ATX:

Fibre Channel—Qlogic 2342 dual-port, 133MHz, PCI-X, 2Gb Fibre Channel Adapter:

Storage—nStor 4320F Fibre Channel RAID enclosure:

Hard disks—2 x 18Gb Hitachi DK32DJ-18FC 10KRPM Fibre Channel

Drives in a RAID 1 array (OS install):

6 x 73Gb Seagate ST373405FC Cheetah 73LP FC 10KRPM Fibre Channel Drives in a RAID 10 array:

Graphics card—PNY NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI:

Displays—2 x ViewSonic VX2000 20" 1600x1200 LCD displays:

Audio card—RME HDSP9652 PCI Audio Card:

Audio I/O—RME Multiface 36-channel 24-bit 96-kHz I/O box:

Cooling system—3 x Zalman Reserator 1s:

CPU waterblocks—4 x Zalman ZM-WB2 Gold waterblocks:

Keyboard—TouchStream LP:

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