Product of the Day: Introscope - Enterprise Web Application Management Solution

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Product: Introscope - Enterprise Web Application Management SolutionManufacturer: Wily Technology, Inc.Address: 8000 Marina Boulevard, Suite 700                Brisbane, California 94005E-Mail: info@wilytech.comURL:

Check your on-line dashboard to monitor the performance of your web applications.

Wily Technology a player in the enterprise Java application management product sector through their Introscope software. This software monitors large-scale Java applications in real-time production environments, isolating bottlenecks and minimizing downtime. Introscope is a Enterprise Web Application Management solution that manages Java web applications from the inside and monitors:

  • EJB & Serverlet Performance

  • JVM Memory & Configuration

  • JDBC Connected Databases

  • Java Files System Activity

  • Network Socket Traffic

  • RMI Activity & Performance

  • JSP Performance

  • Java Threads

  • Java COBRA Call Performance

  • Server CPU Utilization

  • Java Inter-Component Performance

  • Method Level Activity & Performance

According to Andy Caprio, Systems Programming Manager in Corporate Technology services at Prudential Financial (a $590 Billion financial services company), Wiley's Introscope gave him the ability to see inside the web application. He could identify the exact component causing performance problems rather than spending time and money on a painstaking search for the cause. The system helped generate cost savings at Prudential by determining the right amount of infrastructure needed to support different applications from Prudential's different business units. The goal was to ensure that each business unit's applications runs at peak performance 24/7.

Introscope works well with IBM's Websphere application server and offers clustered application management, historical data recording and reporting, and a easy to use management dashboard. This dashboard gives you instant visibility into your whole application.


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