EFF Pioneer Awards Call for Nominations

by Don Marti

In every field of human endeavor, there are those dedicated to expanding knowledge, freedom and innovation. The Electronic Frontier Foundation established the Pioneer Awards to recognize these leaders on the electronic frontier. Nominations are open to both individuals and organizations from any country. The deadline for nominations for the 12th Annual International EFF Pioneer Awards is February 1, 2003.

All nominations are reviewed by a panel of judges chosen for their knowledge of the technical, legal and social issues associated with information technology.

How to Nominate Someone for 2003

You may send as many nominations as you wish, but please use one e-mail per nomination. Submit entries by e-mail to pioneer@eff.org, and include the following information:

  • the name of the nominee,

  • the phone number or e-mail address at which the nominee can be reached and, most importantly,

  • Why you feel the nominee deserves the award.

You may attach supporting documentation as RTF files or as files in common binary formats or plain-text format.

Nominee Criteria

There are no specific categories for the EFF Pioneer Awards, but the following guidelines apply:

  • The nominees must have contributed substantially to the health, growth, accessibility or freedom of computer-based communications.

  • The contribution may be technical, social, economic or cultural.

  • Nominations may be of individuals, systems or organizations in the private or public sectors.

  • Nominations are open to all (other than EFF staff and board and this year's award judges), and you may nominate more than one recipient. You also may nominate yourself or your organization.

  • To be valid, all nominations must contain your reason, however brief, for nominating the individual or organization, a means of contacting the nominee and your own contact information. Anonymous nominations are accepted, but we'd ideally like to contact the nominating parties in case we need further information.

  • Persons or representatives of organizations receiving an EFF Pioneer Award will be invited to attend the ceremony at the Foundation's expense. The 12th Annual Pioneer Awards in 2003 will be held in New York, NY during the first week in April, in conjunction with CFP.

2002 EFF Pioneer Award winners were Dan Gillmor, Beth Givens and the DeCSS authors.

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