Natural Curiosity: Dr. Mitra and the Hole in the Wall Experiment

by Doc Searls

In Issue 95 of Linux Journal, my Linux for Suits editorial visited the subject of the Hole in the Wall experiment by Dr. Sugara Mitra, which put Net-connected computers in the public walls of slums in India. The results suggested that even the least privileged kids could be very self-educating about technology.

We first learned about Dr. Mitra's work from ctrlaltesc, a Slashdot-like Web site in India. Right now ctrlaltesc is asking for questions to submit to Dr. Mitra in an interview to be published later.

Vajra Chandrasekera at ctrlaltesc extends a special invitation for questions from Linux Journal readers:

I'm sure your readers will have plenty of questions they'd like to ask Dr. Mitra. Our general focus is on the use of IT for sustainable development (about as un-geeky as you can get, really), but I think Linux is--as you pointed out in your column--very relevant to that.

So let's prove it.

Doc Searls is senior editor of Linux Journal.


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