Retro Review: Magazine for Retro-Computing

by Jorge Canelhas

Retro Review is a retro-computing magazine edited, published and produced by both myself and Ian Gledhill. A part of the 70s generation, we could not avoid spending a good part of our youth glued to a TV screen that had a microcomputer on the other end. This habit is very hard to break, so we both still use and collect old machines.

The idea for Retro Review came in August 2001, although I had always wanted to produce my own magazine. Since I don't have much time and a magazine isn't exactly a one-man project, I decided to look for someone to help me out. I immediately thought of Ian Gledhill, a fellow computer collector from the UK. I knew he would jump on the bandwagon, as I was aware of his love of Retro Computing, and he said yes to the partnership. It seems he also wanted to make a mag for some time. Concensus was easy to reach in terms of the magazine's niche: microcomputers and consoles from the "golden era" of home computing (approximately 1975 to 1995).

We also cover emulation but not only from the gaming perspective. We prefer trying to get the "real" experience out of microcomputers. Modern versions of old hardware are also covered in the mag, such as the latest Spectrum-compatible from Russia, the Sprinter.

Retro Review's format is that of a 60 page A5 mag, with a colour cover. Due to the small circulation number, the mag is photocopied, so print quality isn't that high yet. We use PageStream 4.0 on Commodore Amiga 4000 computers to edit the mag; the Amiga was chosen due to its good performances and superior architecture. It was also chosen to keep the Retro Spirit alive and, most of all, because it is cool!

Retro Review is now on issue 2. We are currently working on number 3, which is scheduled to arrive in May 2002.

Check out the Retro Review web site to see the magazine and to subscribe.

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