LinuxWorld New York Pictorial

by Richard Vernon

This year's LinuxWorld New York, while not sporting an unusually high number of vendors, was very high in attendees. The overall attitude was very positive, especially in comparison with recent Linux trade shows. Most exhibitors are reporting a higher-than-usual number of referrals and general interest. Everywhere is the evidence of the maturation of the penguin OS.

Our own Linux Journal booth was pretty bustling as well, but we were able to snatch a few moments to get around the floor to do some visual reporting.

COBOL gurus Acucorps discussing their new thin client.

Martin Seto, LJ Advertising Account Manager

Sharp's Zaurus attracts more attention than the geek dunk booth.

Linux Journal contributing author Richard Ferri

The Old English saga expert Donald Becker.

HP showing off the graphics abilities of their new Xeon-based workstation--the X4000

The "Best Embedded Linux Solution Finalist" plaque and blue ribbon awarded to MontaVista

Attendees relieve some of their proprietary-software-induced frustration with the help of fuseball, compliments of LinuxWorld Expo.

IBM banner hanging from ceiling, reads "Linux is Real Business".

LinuxWorld welcomes both geeks and suits.

Rae Internet poses for the camera.

Equinox's Steve Levin lectures LJ staff on the dangers of going outside without our coats.

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