Mark Your Calendars for CodeCon in February

by Don Marti

Peek-A-Booty, CryptoMail and BitTorrent are among the programs to be presented at the first annual CodeCon, scheduled for February 15-17. CodeCon is the new technical conference for developers of software that enables individual freedom, including new peer-to-peer and crypto applications. The conference's ground rules specifically exclude any presenter without working code.

"CodeCon is the revolt of the programmers. Most conferences push their own agenda; at CodeCon we get to tell it like it is. Direct reports, straight from the front lines, of what the presenters themselves are working on", said program committee chairman and BitTorrent developer Bram Cohen.

The venue is San Francisco's DNA Lounge, which Cohen calls "the most wired nightclub in San Francisco", following its total renovation last year.

As seems fitting for a San Francisco hacker conference, the program will begin at noon each of the three days.

A preliminary list of projects to be represented includes:

  • Peek-A-Booty: a distributed anti-censorship application

  • Invisible IRC Project: secure, anonymous client/server networks

  • Idel: lightweight mobile code for P2P CPU sharing where hosts don't trust the code they're running

  • Reptile: a distributed but uniform content exchange mechanism

  • MNet: a universal shared filestore and branch of the Mojo Nation project

  • Alpine: a social discovery mechanism that can handle high churn rates, malicious peers and limited bandwidth

  • Eikon: an image search engine

  • CryptoMail: encrypted e-mail for all

  • libfreenet: a case study in horrors incomprehensible to the mind of man and other secure protocol design mistakes

  • BitTorrent: hosting large, popular files cheaply

See you all there.

For more information or to register now, visit the web site.

Don Marti is Technical Editor of Linux Journal.

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