My Language is Better Than Your Language

by Don Marti

Naturally, the first will focus on scripting languages, the tools we use for web sites and system administration stuff. The second will focus on languages for general tasks.

Which language has the best performance? Which is easiest to maintain over the life of your program? Which is the True Way, and which is filth fit only for madmen and swine?

Chris DiBona of VA Linux Systems will be upholding the honor of Perl. "With Perl you can do very complex things very quickly," he says. "All other languages suck because they're not as concise and flexible as Perl can be."

Do you agree? Or is Perl just hellish unmaintainable line noise? Is Java your tool of choice, or is it just the digital equivalent of a pair of rounded scissors for dot-com E-tards? Come on out and ask some questions from the floor. Chris can take it.

I'll be watching some Jerry Springer tapes before I leave for Vegas so I can learn how to do the moderator thing.

See for the official schedule, and check the signs on-site for the correct room.

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