New Products

Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter Embedded Driver

Embedded systems developers seeking to protect their IPs are the target customers for Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter Embedded Driver, a comprehensive security solution that secures embedded software against reverse-engineering by encrypting and signing the binary code. CodeMeter protects embedded systems, programmable logic controllers and industrial PCs. The new CodeMeter Embedded Driver 1.7—a rebranded version of a product called CodeMeter Compact Driver 1.6—offers new features and functionality that are applicable specifically to embedded systems. New features include an option to use the HID mode on dongles for communication with the device without displaying drive status, protection of the secure boot process, support for the file I/O interface for Linux and Android, and support for the Secure Disk standard for reading and writing API-based data without enumeration by the operating system. The driver is available for VxWorks 7.0, Linux Embedded, Windows Embedded, Android and QNX, as well as for different ARM, x86 and PowerPC platforms.

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