The Source is Open, n00bs Welcome

I was discussing the topic of posting to a high profile site like Linux Journal with a friend of mine recently. Their take on the issue is that it can be intimidating to say stuff, either in a blog like this, or in a forum post, because of the "what if I mess up" concern.

I understand that concern, and sure, it's important not to claim expertise where there is none. It's also important to realize that everyone interested in Linux has the, "keys to the kingdom" so to speak. So I urge everyone reading: Don't hesitate in contributing just because you feel you don't measure up. Heck, they let me into this place, so there's hope for everyone. :)

Don't understand the difference between Compiz and Beryl? Me neither. It turns out, they're not sure either, and it looks like the two are merging.

Don't understand what Ubuntu means? Me neither.

Afraid someone might find out you're not all knowing? Eh, we already know.

So get involved. Post in the forums. If you get ridiculed, I'll get out my ugly stick and beat down the offenders. If it gets too serious, I'll make some armpit noises to soften the mood. Oh, and while you're in the forums, buy me a Chumby!