Linux Journal Contents #189, January 2010

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #189/January 2010

You say potato, I say potahto, you say ham, I say amateur... you see where I'm going with this? Ok, maybe not, Amateur Radio, that's where and that's what this month's issue focus is. What you might ask is the connection between Amateur Radio and Linux? Well Linux may be the only O/S out there with an AX.25 packet radio protocol driver, and it's had it since forever. So blow the dust off your license and start reading. If Ham's not your favorite food, don't despair there are plenty of other articles in this month's issue including, but not limited to, Firewall Builder, Cucumber, Vimperator, port knocking with knockd, building appliances with Linux and Xen, and using Twitter from the command line.




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