Linux Journal Contents #180, April 2009

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #180/April 2009

Everybody loves System Administrators, right? What's the old saying, "I'm gonna beat you like a red-headed sysadmin." Don't fret, we still love ya here at Linux Journal, and we've got a System Administration issue to prove it. Find out how to build a Linux-based install server for installing that other operating system. Then, read about Freeboo for network restore and booting. And, if you need just one more virtualization option to think about, read about using Solaris-Zones to run Linux. There's so much packed in this issue that the only way to tell you about it in this small space is with a core dump: PXE, Freeboo, Munin, Solaris-Zones, Squid, Irrlicht, recover your MBR, Point/Counterpoint: Mutt vs. Thunderbird, jQuery plugins, Clouds, bash, eight New Products, a home Karaoke game, the monthly regulars and a few ads from the guys that get us what we need and help us pay the bills.




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