Linux Journal Contents #179, March 2009

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #179/March 2009

Linux achieves world domination!! Now, that was The Day The Earth Stood Still...wait, maybe I'm thinking of something else. Oh yeah, scratch that, that's the cover story this month. In any case, don't miss reading about how Linux contributed to the making of this great movie. When you finish that one, don't miss our feature articles about GNOME Do, Xfce, Adobe AIR and a flock of alternative browsers including Opera, CrossOver Chromium and Flock. Plus, take a look at this month's Cooking with Linux to see what's new in the recently released KDE 4.2. If you enjoyed last month's cover story, get ready to set up your own virtual reality system with OpenSim. And, if last month's issue left you salivating for more about jQuery, find out how to get started writing your own jQuery plugins. Oh, and are you backed up? If not, make sure you read “When Disaster Strikes: Hard Drive Crashes” before you do anything else. If you thought the people in The Day The Earth Stood Still were having a bad day, wait till your hard drive crashes—aliens would be a welcome sight compared to that. There's all that and much more in this month's issue of Linux Journal!





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