Linux Journal Contents #178, February 2009

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #178/February 2009

Stop me before I program again! Well, at least stop me till I get a chance to read this month's Linux Journal and find out all the latest related to Web Development. Don't write another line of JavaScript till you get a chance to check out our articles on Dojo drawing tools and jQuery. If you're just plain tired of JavaScript, maybe it's time to look at the Google Web Toolkit—get some of the hottest JavaScript on the planet without writing a single line of JavaScript (you read that right). If you're a Ruby type, get further faster and look good while you're at it with ActiveScaffold. And, if you're looking for some new site creation tools, don't miss this month's Cooking With Linux column. If you've got some extra coin and need a Netbook, see our review of the Dell Mini 9. If you're looking for a portable media player, see our review of the Archos 5. For you Second Life fans, see our introductory article on the game and its open-source nature. And, if you're a reeeeaaaaaal Second Life fan we have an extra special treat for you: we put your picture on the cover!





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