Linux Journal Contents #174, October 2008

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #174/October 2008

This month's focus is Languages. Parlez-Vous Français? Wait, not those types of languages, programming languages. We've got a few different ones this time around: Inform, Sleep and Falcon. And, on a more traditional front, Guido Van Rossum talks about Python 3000. Our monthly columns also include discussions of JavaScript, PHP using Eclipse, and bash, and Chef Marcel talks about languages more generally. On other fronts, if you're interested in audio, we've got part II of Dave Phillips' Linux Audio series; Kyle Rankin shows you how to connect some musical instruments to your system and use them with a number of audio programs; and Dan Sawyer shows you where to store all that audio data in his review of the HP Media Valut. All that and more in this month's issue of Linux Journal.





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